Do You Need an Easy and Secure Solution for Accepting Online Payments at Your Website?

Use our free blockchain API and recieve payments from your clients with no FEES!

*We guarantee 100% privacy of your personal data!

Why PMC?

PMC - is unique cryptocurrency token which aggregates hashing power used for cloud mining of the most capitalized cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash.

Its smart contracts are designed the way which allows its price to grow constantly with no decreases. For example: from May 2016 when we started it had already grown from 7 cents per PMC to almost $7 per token (February 2017).

This makes PMC unique short and long term investment with almost no risk.

This is why it is considered financialy wise desicion by site owners all around the globe to accept payments in PMC at their websites.

How does it work?

1. Access PMC Blockchain API at this point:

where: INPUT - your PMC address from Send PMC section;

where: MEMO - your UNIQUE order ID accross your website orders (max 128 latin letters and numbers and NO special charachters);

2. Our API answers your server with JSON-encoded response containing found information about incoming transaction to your PMC address with amount of PMC recieved and time of transaction which is 100% LIKE asked MEMO field. For example:

3. If there are no transactions with such MEMO "Not found" response will be send.

Ready to accept payments in PMC?

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